Hi Friends!

Welcome to Learn to Read Your Birth Chart:THE LOVE EDITION.

"I'm a Sagittarius, and he's a Taurus... so that's not a match, right?" WRONG!

Compatibility is big business. Everyone's talking about it. How do you do it? Do you rely on apps?

Don't do that! 

Come and get involved...


✔️ You LOVE astrology but don't completely understand the language. 

✔️ You are seeking more clarity in your life.

✔️You want to deeply understand yourself and the people you love.

✔️ You are ready to be totally amazed by how much you can learn.

✔️ Reading horoscopes and listening to other astrologers is no longer enough, you want to be able to work things out for yourself.

✔️ You love independent learning but want to be able to ask questions and have some concepts explained in a way that is very easy to understand.

What's it all about?

Once I'd seen my chart I wanted to know it all, immediately!

My goal is to show you the possibility of what Astrology can do. For you to understand your chart, grasp concepts and learn the lingo!

By the end of this course you will have the tools to refine your self-study to your heart's content! We will provide you with all the resources you need to delineate a birth chart.

This course makes all the complicated terms like "houses, squares and conjunctions" seem very easy, YOU WILL AMAZE YOURSELF!

This course will cover the basics of compatibility, what we are looking for in SYNASTRY and how to astrologically see why some people make your heart flutter.



Available to watch as soon as you purchase the course!

Modes, elements & signs of the zodiac. 

Grab your notebook and coloured pens to get clear on the signs of the zodiac and the planets that rule them.

Which signs are Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable?
Which are Fire, Earth, Air and Water?
Which planet rules each zodiac sign?


Available to watch as soon as you purchase the course!

Myth is *everything* in astrology! 

The planets are Gods and Goddesses in ancient myth. 

How did Zeus (Greek) AKA Jupiter (Roman) behave in myth?
Understanding these stories we can really understand the astrological symbolism of the planet.


A walk through the main aspects used in the horoscope and a discussion of the angles & their importance. 

This is when everyone gets really excited! 

How do the planets talk to one another via the aspects they make?  What is a Square?


What are the houses? Which house "system" to use? It all depends on what time you were born. This week this concept becomes easy! 

Our focus is on how each planet behaves in a house. What additional flavour and tone does it give to your horoscope. 

My favourite week!


How to put all the different parts of the chart together. Look at the patterns, themes and promise of the chart via well known celebrities (you can offer suggestions!)

(I will create pre-recorded content for this week and offer two Q&A sessions before Quiz Night!)

Now we have information on planets, nodes, aspects and houses - how do we put all that information together to make sense of it?


A multiple choice quiz where you realise how much you've learned! This is a spacious week where no new concepts are introduced, giving you more time to focus on what you need to explore before the final session!

Questions to make you realise how much you know now and highlight points that you'd like to discuss again. This  is supposed to be fun! 
I will throw in some random questions to get you thinking.

This is OPTIONAL - you can just take the week off 
(but FOMO because it will be fun!)


Learn various synastric techniques so that you can see the full picture of what astrologers look for when considering relationship dynamics.

Which chart combinations snap, crackle and pop!?

Relationship astrology is the gift that keeps on giving! Whenever you meet someone who turns your head, explore your chart combinations and understand why they feel a certain way to you.


The content is pre-recorded for you to study in your own time.
When you sign up, 2 modules are available for you to watch immediately.

There are live Q&As scheduled for September 13th, September 20th, September 28th, October 11th.

Any live sessions will be recorded and posted in the community for you to watch whenever you can!

About Your ASTRO Teacher

I'm an astrologer on a mission to bring the life changing insights of Astrology to as many people as possible.

I LOVE watching people understand their astrology, unraveling their relationships, recognising aspects in family members. 

Astrology is a language that explains things we've always known but not had the words to say.

Astrology is just one of the esoteric topics I continue to study. I LOVE Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot. I'm learning Esoteric Astrology, Medical Astrology, Herbal Medicine and lots more as I go; but everything boils down to Astrology and it's my go-to tool for understanding life!

Talk to you soon!
Francesca xx

I've enjoyed lots of press over the past few years, some of the articles are really fun. 
All the live links are on my LinkedIn page if you'd like to read them.



Hi Francesca! I am just working through the second half of the course and mind is literally blown!! ! 
I could not sleep! You are a great teacher.


I came off of it buzzing with information and filled in my partner with all that I could remember... So excited! I've often looked at our charts and wondered how side by side I couldn't see any immediate clicks but now it makes sense why we are so connected. 


I really enjoyed the course, it was very empowering as well, I’ve had a few astrology readings, not many, but they all left me feeling really confused and sort of worried, if that makes sense? 


Thank you so much for this course. I’m buzzing about it. Haven’t been this interested in something for ages!

Kayleigh Attwood- Director at In Progress Collective

Mate, had to message and tell you...... my reading with you and the shifts around this eclipse were SPOT ON, to the day yesterday 👀 a big work chat and accepted a flat in South London. Thank you for your insights, they have helped slow that old existential spiral although my friends might be tired of me saying ‘Francesca said’ 😂😂 teachers pet innit 🍎

Izzy Kirkby - Director at Izzy Living

It has been an amazing journey from knowing some astrological concepts to now understanding the basics of a birth chart. In fact I have become addicted to asking the times of everyone’s birth! I have loved learning with you as you make it so interesting and enjoyable. The content was perfect as even for ideas I was familiar with you added in new angles and stories so I never stopped learning!
I’m so glad I made the commitment as I have loved every second of this course, and you have inspired me to learn more! I have recommended studying with you to all my friends!

Sarah Barlow - Founder and CEO of Go Mundo

The best online course I've ever done. Can't wait for more. Met some cracking people, kept my lockdown brain busy, and of course ASTROLOGY. Explained by the best No. Fluff. Keeping it real Miss Francesca Oddie.

Completely fascinating and I have a clearer understanding of myself / the world than ever. Here's to a never ending astro journey. #cutthroughthefog

Holly Britton - Events Producer at The Collective Living

It has been such a privilege getting to know Francesca over the years. At The Collective we enable people to lead more fulfilling lives, together and we do this by designing unforgettable cultural event programmes with trusted, high quality partners who align with our brand's missions and values. Francesca has always been one of our favourite partners to collaborate with as her Astrology & Numerology sessions have been incredibly insightful and inspiring for our members. Francesca's flexibility, positivity, intuitiveness is what makes her so special to work with. She has really opened up new conversations and opportunities for our members to get to know themselves and each other on a deeper level. The experience is always unforgettable. Thank you for your magical, motivating ways. We look forward to our next Astrological adventure with you. 

Why now babes?

Initiate a lifetime of breakthroughs & excitement where you see everything through the crystal clear lens of astrology.

Articulate your inner conflicts so you can REMEDY THEM and reduce their power over you.

​Un-muddle the confusing bits of your life so that the FOG can LIFT!


FIRST AND FOREMOST it is about you and your relationships. What does your chart reveal about your patterns and attractions?
SECONDLY it is about how you value yourself and how this impacts your relationship with money so that you can understand and heal whatever shows up. 
THIRDLY it is about your friendships, envy, comparison and jealousy and how we can overcome these taboo issues in our relationships.

The INTIMATE LOVE EDITION is about self-esteem, love, family patterns and relationships. It is about what you expect from others and what you really want to create.

This is going to be an intimate group who works closely with Francesca over 5 Live Sessions.

- Relationship patterns and what we can learn from them. What does your chart say?
- Family patterns. What does your chart say?
- Money and the potential, challenges, fears, triggers and habits cultivated by our relationship to money. What does your chart say?
- The hidden enemy; envy. What does your chart say?
- Naked and seen; the power of astrology and numerology to liberate you! SO NOW WHAT?

Astrology and Numerology tell us things that would otherwise take you years to understand. The MISTY emotional world we live in is full of opinion, conjuncture, assumption, old wives tales and confusion. The world forgets we are all UNIQUE. Astrology never forgets.

I've been talking about "all the Venus" content I have for so long but never known how to share it because there is SO MUCH! So let's do this. I'm ready to share all that I've learned.

  • Course opens 8th September
  • 4 Q&A sessions; September 13th, September 20th, September 28th (6 pm), October 11th. October 18th.
  • FREE access to my Numerology workshops.
  • PDF handouts for each topic.
  • Community page and interact online.
  • Lifetime access to the content.
  • Meditations for the planets.
  • Calls are 6.30pm.
Or 2 monthly payments of £270
  • This course begins when LTRYB completes.
  • 5 Calls with Francesca launching on a THURSDAY October 27th and then every other Tuesday: November 1st, 15th, 29th and December 13th.
  • Workbooks to complete before calls. 
  • Community for asking questions before we meet online.
  • DEEP DIVE relationship patterns.
  • Easily spot patterns that have been driving your subconscious.
  • Calls are 6.30pm.
Or 3 monthly payments of £290
  • Purchase both courses in one swoop - become fluent in Astrology and then deep dive immediately!
Any questions, you know where to find me, hello@francescaoddie.com or email support@francescaoddie.com for a swift response!

I'm confident that you will love this course, however if on completion it did not meet your expectations I will give you a full refund and take just £20 as an admin fee. 

Talk to you soon!

Francesca x
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