Captivate is a group experience that will lift you out of your bad habits and propel you towards your potential. 

New habits and a fresh mindset.

"Are you reaching your potential?" is another way of asking, "are you living your truth?"

Do you have one or two brilliant days a week and the rest of time spending too much time procrastinating, deliberating and wondering what the future will bring?

The most captivating version of yourself doesn't hold back. You can go towards life with the same pace that life meets you. Squeezing the life from each day.  

When you participate in CAPTIVATE you'll be more focussed and more satisfied personally and professionally. Aligned.

"This is your year" - but actually.

Daily devotion and gratitude for all that you are. Drinking in the sunrise, jumping for joy at sunset. Rejoicing with synchronicity and remaining mesmerised as the truth of your chart unravels.

(Pluto at the final degrees of Capricorn is giving EXCELLENCE vibes and I'm here to guide you through continued reverence with the life-force energy that flows through you.)
Why Now?

- All planets are direct until the 21st April = Momentum.
- Pluto's scene change brings big waves to surf!
- 2 Aries New Moons this year + Jupiter in Aries = Action.
- On the 20th of April there is a Solar Eclipse at 29º Aries = Begin.
- Saturn's move to Pisces = Focus on spiritual practices. 

- I've waited over 18 months to launch this and it has to be now - a one off moment in time for us to CAPTIVATE. I cannot wait to begin and witness everyone's big shifts as you co-create miracles.
The Benefits of CAPTIVATE

- Bespoke guidance.

- Bite-sized information delivered consistently.

- Unparalleled vision that facilitates commitment.

- A vibe boost + friends to support you through the difficult days. 

- Somewhere between a course, a consultation and a mastermind, this will leave you changed, lighter, brighter and gliding.

- FREE access to Learn to Read Your Birth Chart videos as a reminder about the basics.
- FREE access to Learn to Predict + the Q&As included as part of this course. 
What will we do?

This is going to be a small group that works closely with me, Francesca from Feb - May. We will revert back to the truth of YOUR chart and explore predictive astrology.  

Live Classes

Teaching classes (dates below) -  Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. 18.30 GMT / 13.30 EST for 90 minutes.
Energy sessions - Thursday 16th February - 20th April (excludes 6th April)  13.45 GMT / 8.45 EST for 30 mins.

THURSDAY, 9th February

Who are you? What does your birth chart say about  your vocation? What gets you up in the morning? 
Dig into the chart and set the parameters for fresh habits.
Mercury is conjunct Pluto - depth day.

THURSDAY, 16th February

As we begin to work with transits, what does your chart say is going on for you now. The opportunities, people, jobs, losses, experiences being presented to you now are all written in the stars. 
The Sun is conjunct Saturn, get real!

TUESDAY, 21st February 

Where have you been going round in circles? What transits can you work with to dig into these areas and learn from them? We need practices to work with the Moon Neptune conjunction for spiritual healing.

TUESDAY, 7th March 
Full Moon in Virgo (this evening will be dedicated to the Full Moon)

What will you release? What will you commit to live the truth of Saturn in Pisces.  Create a lifestyle that has a Tantric approach.
Saturn ingress into Pisces.

TUESDAY, 14th March

How will you bring your beauty, charm and essence to all that you do? What are your colours? 
As Venus squares Pluto ready to go home to Taurus, what is your personal revolution?

TUESDAY, 21st March 
New Moon in Aries - A vision boarding session that will be open for others to join. 

A New Moon at 0 degrees of Aries with Pluto at 29 Capricorn is INTENSE! We've been working towards this moment for a few weeks now and you're ready for this band new inception. Something fresh begins here.
A fun evening session for talking, laughing, sharing ideas and percolating about where you're at.

TUESDAY, 4th April

As the Full Moon looms in and energy is pumping! The Sun is conjunct Jupiter and Chiron in Aries - what have you learnt, what will you teach? Let's do what Jupiter does best and LOOK AHEAD! Plot some dates for action. You get what you give.

TUESDAY, 18th April

By now, you know who you are and are operating at a new level of wisdom. Plot your next steps to keep the energy rolling and create space over the retrograde season for tweaking.

WEDNESDAY, 19th April

Solar Eclipse in Aries - open session for diving into the energetics of the New Moon, sharing experiences and processing these shifts.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 17th (Subject to change)

This final session is spacious and will become whatever it needs to be. Exploring your charts, plans, insights and questions, working with the Moon, Jupiter, North Node conjunction in Taurus to bring maximum tenacity and abundance vibes.

Why Did I make this?

CAPTIVATE is such a great word.

To be captivating is to be attractive, actively.

It's Venusian charm laced with Martian strategy.

In this case, how can you live the truth of your birth chart whilst surfing the universal cycles of the cosmos?

Astrology forecasting is like checking the weather for rainy days (take your umbrella) but also when you know a heatwave is coming, plan that BBQ and live your best life!

I want to teach, flow, vibe, experience and enjoy the all planets direct motion energy to the max which is why CAPTIVATE is happening now. 

Miracles happen, don't you forget it!

Francesca xx

I've enjoyed lots of press over the past few years, some of the articles are really fun. 
All the live links are on my LinkedIn page if you'd like to read them.



Fran is a pro at curating group experiences that take you from confusion to understanding whilst laughing every minute. The clarity I got from this container was next level. There was no bullshit ‘try and change your perspective stuff’, or ‘let go of limiting beliefs’ it was here is who you are (based on your chart) and here’s how to work with that energy, here’s the strength and here’s the shadow but also here’s your brilliance. Everything resonated and she allowed time to integrate every part. It was so helpful to work with the astrology of the moment and coming out the other sides I feel more ready for life, more clarity and more direction than ever before.


I came off of it buzzing with information and filled in my partner with all that I could remember... So excited! I've often looked at our charts and wondered how side by side I couldn't see any immediate clicks but now it makes sense why we are so connected. 


I invested in you, Fran, and your wonderful, super effin’ chill teaching style. Your weaving of Astrology magic knows no bounds! You gave me everything I was looking for and have inspired me to keep my eyes open a little wider, with my head tilted ever so slightly up more towards the sky (with more curiosity than ever!). I see myself as clear as day now, and it has been suuuuuper casually shapeshifting for me, I’m so, so many affirming ways! Thank you for giving us SO much and guiding us as a group of eager Astro-nerd beavers. Mates for life


I really enjoyed the course, it was very empowering as well, I’ve had a few astrology readings, not many, but they all left me feeling really confused and sort of worried, if that makes sense? 


Tile was great, I learnt so much about reading birth charts. The intimate size of the group made sharing easy and I loved how we got to use our own charts as examples. It was like a mix between a course, astrology reading and group therapy! Fran gave us lots of book recommendations too. My new fascination now is the asteroid Goddesses. They have added another layer to my birth chart. Frans courses are always jam packed and great value for money!


Such a special thing to be a part of! So interesting to take a new look at elements of astrology which I felt I knew pretty well already and wonderful to get the hive mind of the group to share enriching ideas and experiences.


The Intimate Love Edition was THE GREATEST gift I’ve bought myself in a long time. Absolutely packed full of astro wisdom with really tangible and actionable steps to getting to know who you really are, what you really want, what’s blocking you and how to shift perspectives and harness the power within it all. I really feel so much more connected to my chart and to myself. Francesca is a fantastic guide for this kind of work! She is extremely knowledgeable in an accessible way. She is kind but no nonsense. She will lead you to the deep end but you have to jump. The group of women I shared this journey with were open and honest, supportive and empowering. What fun we had!


Thank you so much for this course. I’m buzzing about it. Haven’t been this interested in something for ages!


A big thank you for the course you have created and guidance through it.
Your teaching style has really worked for me. 


I loved the course, and I really did my best to keep up with all the videos and lessons and Q&As all of which were so great. 
Now I just need to keep practising which I think is the best way to continue to learn. 
I loved the self-paced aspect of the videos. 
The quiz was great too. 


Such an amazing experience, a supportive loving container that allowed for deep and honest self reflection, insight and intimacy through the astrology chart and group dynamic. The development and healing I have undergone and continue to experience is invaluable - and I haven’t even finished all the content/enquiries yet! 🙈 But as always, the journey is a life’s work!


I've now completed 2 courses with Francesca and will no doubt embark upon more in the future....Her depth of knowledge, interpretation and insight into astrology is amazingly thought provoking. If you're looking to learn more about yourself, and maybe others, then look no further! The setup & style of her course allows you to connect with others embarking upon similar journeys. It's truly been life changing, once your vision has astrology in its focus its hard to know whether you could ever truly see without it.


I have just finished The Intimate Love Edition with Francesca and it has been a beautiful and mind blowing course to have been part of. Francesca’a knowledge is so rich learning from her is a privilege. Not only her knowledge but her intuitive skills are incredible. She is a amazing mentor to learn from her approach to teaching and dedication to these programs really comes through and she has so much passion for the world of astrology and welcoming all to it. I have so many huge takeaways from this course, things I didn’t even know I needed to learn about myself and astrology which will be such a fundamental part of my further growth and self discovery. I have loved every step of this course and learning how to integrate it into our own birth charts so the study can continue. It has also been a magical experience going through this journey with an amazing group of woman who have shared the passion of astrology and wanting to understanding Love and how it’s relates and effects us individually. Having a beautiful sacred and open space to be able to share our stories has also been so beautiful to experience. If you want to learn about yourself, how love appears in your world and how you con connect further and deeper to it with an amazing teacher and group….this course cannot be missed.

Kayleigh Attwood- Director at In Progress Collective

Mate, had to message and tell you...... my reading with you and the shifts around this eclipse were SPOT ON, to the day yesterday 👀 a big work chat and accepted a flat in South London. Thank you for your insights, they have helped slow that old existential spiral although my friends might be tired of me saying ‘Francesca said’ 😂😂 teachers pet innit 🍎

Izzy Kirkby - Director at Izzy Living

It has been an amazing journey from knowing some astrological concepts to now understanding the basics of a birth chart. In fact I have become addicted to asking the times of everyone’s birth! I have loved learning with you as you make it so interesting and enjoyable. The content was perfect as even for ideas I was familiar with you added in new angles and stories so I never stopped learning!
I’m so glad I made the commitment as I have loved every second of this course, and you have inspired me to learn more! I have recommended studying with you to all my friends!

Sarah Barlow - Founder and CEO of Go Mundo

The best online course I've ever done. Can't wait for more. Met some cracking people, kept my lockdown brain busy, and of course ASTROLOGY. Explained by the best No. Fluff. Keeping it real Miss Francesca Oddie.

Completely fascinating and I have a clearer understanding of myself / the world than ever. Here's to a never ending astro journey. #cutthroughthefog

Holly Britton - Events Producer at The Collective Living

It has been such a privilege getting to know Francesca over the years. At The Collective we enable people to lead more fulfilling lives, together and we do this by designing unforgettable cultural event programmes with trusted, high quality partners who align with our brand's missions and values. Francesca has always been one of our favourite partners to collaborate with as her Astrology & Numerology sessions have been incredibly insightful and inspiring for our members. Francesca's flexibility, positivity, intuitiveness is what makes her so special to work with. She has really opened up new conversations and opportunities for our members to get to know themselves and each other on a deeper level. The experience is always unforgettable. Thank you for your magical, motivating ways. We look forward to our next Astrological adventure with you. 
Inc. VAT

Or 4 payments of £320 + VAT (£384)
Or 11 payments of £125 + VAT (£150)
  • 20 live sessions.  
  • Ten 90 minute astro coaching calls - Value £1500
  •  30 minute calls every Thursday at 13.45 GMT from 16th Feb - 13th April. (Excluding Easter, 6th April)  - Value £1000
  • Catch up session after Mercury stations direct - 17th May.
  • Journal prompts + community to explore before and after calls. - £100
  • Special guests to support lessons. 
  • All calls recorded but not shared outside of our group!
  • LIMITED space in this group.
  • A copy of your chart and one 5-10 minute voice note with feedback on a specific topic. Value - £70
  • Telegram channel for sharing with the group whenever you read a great article, have a question or want to share a synchronicity - INVALUABLE!
  • Your charts used for all examples and teaching.
  • FREE access to Learn to Read Your Birth Chart Videos. RRP £317
  • FREE access to Learn to Predict RRP £333 (Everything that includes is in the adjacent column of information!)
  • An aligned experience to take you and your energy stratospheric.
Inc. VAT

Or 4 payments of £90 + VAT (£108)
  • Access to all Learn to Predict Videos - Doors open 1st Feb
  • Free access to Session 6 and Session 9 listed above - March 21st and April 19th.
  • Learn to read planetary returns including your birthday chart for the year ahead!
  • Solar Arc Progressions
  • Secondary Progressions
  • Transits to Natal Charts
  • Learnt to work with Moon Phases
  • Use workbooks and worksheets
  • Q&A Session March 16th 5.30pm - 6.30pm GMT
  • Q&A Session May 10th 6pm - 7pm BST

This experience is anchored in YOUR reality, anchored in the truth of who you are; infinite and earthbound.  

Your Higher Self AKA The Universe AKA God is within and without. Your chart shows you the stumbling blocks and potentials for connecting with your inner guidance.  This course will illuminate how to get out of your own way, so that it is easier to receive wisdom from Source and live a rooted life that is rich with love, synchronicity, peace and connection.

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