A course for people who find astrology exciting!

You will love this course if:

- You love astrology but don't completely understand the jargon.

- You want more clarity and self-understanding & are ready to cut through the fog!

- You're ready to be amazed by how much you can learn in 6 weeks.

Why Learn with me?

  • Course begins on the 20th of October for 6 weeks.
  • ​Lessons are taught LIVE at 6.30pm BST for 2 hours. 
  • ​Everything is recorded if that time doesn't suit you.
  • ​ADDITIONAL Q&A sessions to be held for an hour each week. (Alternating Monday lunch and Monday evening so that more people have a chance to attend live.)
  • The price £347.
  • ​Doors close Sunday the 18th of October at 8pm.
  • ​BONUS free pass to the Halloween Festival (soon to be announced)
  • ​BONUS numerology class recording.


20th October


Modes, elements & signs of the zodiac. 
A look at celebrities, characteristics, countries & crystals associated with each sign.

27th October


Just before the Full Moon  we will try and stay sane by looking at the planets, associated myth & images.

3rd November


A walk through the main aspects used in the horoscope and a discussion of the angles & their importance. 

10th November


What are the houses? Which house "system" to use? It all depends on what time you were born. This week this concept becomes easy!

17th November


A method to synthesise the chart by its shape and how to take the information step by step to discern useful patterns.

24th November


6 days before the lunar eclipse we will discuss the nodes, asteroids, the differences between twins, explore the basics of transits & contemplate moon phases.

About Your Teacher

Francesca is an astrologer on a mission to bring the life changing insights of astrology to as many people as possible.

At University she read Natural Sciences; Biochemistry, Philosophy & Theology where she entertained a love of pattern and a curiosity about the deeper meanings of life and death. (Sadly, Astrology wasn't an option...  it will be by the time she's done!)

Aside from chasing big visions, Francesca is studying Medical and Esoteric astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot and Psychic Development.

Francesca has worked with Soho House, Bumble, NOW TV, lululemon, The Wing, The Allbright, Oliver Bonas, RIXO and has been featured lots of newspapers and is on the telly and radio from time to time!

Her classes are spoken in relatable language where complex astrology is distilled into simple sentences.

You will make huge progress in a short amount of time!

Big love, Francesca xx

Kind + Excited Words

  • Sara
Hi Francesca! I am just working through the second half of the course and mind is literally blown!! ! I could not sleep! You are a great teacher.

  • Cat
That was SO fabulous - I  feel very excited to put all of this into practice - THANK YOU!! x
  • Gizem
I really enjoyed the course, it was very empowering as well, I’ve had a few astrology readings, not many, but they all left me feeling really confused and sort of worried, if that makes sense? 
  • Faye
Thank you so much for this course. I’m buzzing about it. Haven’t been this interested in something for ages!

Why Learn with me?

  • A joyful experience.
  • Initiating a lifetime of breakthroughs & excitement.
  • ​Discover language to describe your inner conflicts so you can REMEDY THEM.
  • ​Confusing bits of your life begin to un-muddle. THE FOG LIFTS!
  • ​This course casts a wide net and fast tracks you to the astrology superhighway.
  • ​There is MAGIC to learning with a group and watching astrology come to life before your eyes!
  • Articulating transits will help you to plan your life.
  • ​Return to the lessons whenever you feel like it!
Learn to Read Your Birth Chart

This is a course for self-starters who are keen to read, question and progress!

This course will include a bonus sessions that are revealed on the next page...
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